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Resources for Grieving Children and Families

** Grief Camp Summer 2017 Link:


** Many Helpful Resources for Parents and Educators About Kids and Grief Can Be Found on the Right Side of This Page!  Just Click On a Link!

 If you are visiting this link because you and/or your family have been affected by the tragic loss of our Sugar Creek student and his sister, you may want to also visit my web page entitled: 'Talking To Kids About Trauma and Violence'. 

Click here to reach the 'Talking To Kids About Trauma' page.

 We grieve with you and will continue to support and hold up all of the members our school family through this journey of healing. We will encourage our students to honor Tyler Worley's memory, by celebrating and remembering his kindness to others, and the joyful way in which he lived his life. 



If you are visiting this page, you are likely a parent or educator helping a child or a class of children through a grieving experience.  You may also be experiencing grief yourself. The path of grief is never an easy one, whether it is you on that path, or you are holding the hand of a grieving person or both. It is especially painful to witness a child in emotional pain due to grief.

I have included many links on the right side of this website (in gold print), to assist parents, families and educators during times of grief.

Some books I use with grieving children are:

'Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories', 'When Dinosaur's Die', The Fall of Freddie the Leaf,  and 'When Someone Dies'.

Click on the links below, to go to Compassionate Books, which has a wide variety of books on grief for people of all ages. 

Compassionate Books (Children's Section)

Compassionate Books (Teen's Section)


 Also, if you would like me to talk to me or visit my office regarding a grief situation, please call me at 794-4855 ext. 226  or email me at:   I also have a list of resources for outside therapists, if needed. 





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