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Keeping Kids Safe Online

This page is dedicated to providing parents with information about the social media kids are using, such as YikYak, Burnbook, AskFM and many more. We know it is hard to keep up with all of the apps kids are using, as parents and as educators! 

Social media can be a great thing, and it can also become a nightmare. Social media has unfortunately become a venue for cyberbullying, rumors and threats. Many school closures around the country have occurred due to threats on social media sites. 

On the right side of this page, you will find links to information about cyber safety, and many links on specific social media apps for parents to explore. We hope this will be helpful in monitoring your child's computer and cell activity.

For a comprehensive list of the APPS kids use and a short summary of each, go to: Social Media APPS Kids Use

In guidance our students have learned about their Digital Footprint. An 'Active Digital Footprint' is all of the information a person puts online, which remains online and can be searched by others. A
'Passive Internet Footprint' is information collected by others via the internet, without a person's knowledge. 

A Digital Footprint can be positive or negative or a mix of both. Digital Footprints are often checked by colleges, as well as employers.  It is imperative that we help kids understand how important it is that they always use good character, both online and offline. Kids also need to understand how to prevent information from being collected online from their accounts without their knowledge.  

We also stress to students that they should not communicate with strangers online, and that they always have their social media accounts set on private. At Sugar Creek, we emphasize that parents/guardians should always have their children's passwords should always monitor the online activity of their children.

In guidance class, students are also told they should always check with their trusted adult at home, before going to a new online website. Additionally, students learn in guidance class, to tell a trusted adult right away  if they see anything online that makes them feel sad, mad, angry or uncomfortable on the Internet.

In guidance class, we often use Netsmartz and McGruff the Crime Dog to help educate students on Internet safety. Additionally, and also have valuable information for adults and kids about internet safety.  Our fifth graders  are shown an episode of Smart Guy, called Strangers on the Net

If you know of an app that needs added to this site, please email me information at: 

Thank you!  Ms. Apple, Guidance Counselor

 ** Quick Tip:  'Anonymous' APPS, such as Whisper, Afterschool, and ASKFM are often sources of bullying, rumor spreading, inappropriate photos and videos, and serious threats towards individuals or institutions.  





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