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Welcome to the Sugar Creek Guidance Page!

This is my twenty-first year at Sugar Creek. I went to East Union for Elementary School and to Darlington Jr. High and graduated from North Montgomery High School. I have a Master's Degree in School Counseling and prior to working as a school counselor, I worked in social work and in mental health services.  

I love working with children and families in the community where I grew up.   

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns. 

Ms. Apple, M.Ed., School Counselor

(765) 794-4855 ext. 226     Fax: (765) 794-4578

** I am also on ParentSquare during school hours.


Guidance FAQ's


Best time for face to face appointments:

It is always best to call or email to set up a time to meet. I am flexible and will work with you to see you as soon as possible. I have daily duties first thing in the morning so am unable to take walk ins at the time school is starting. I also teach classes during the day, which varies by day and I see several students individually and in groups at designated times each week, so it is best that we set up a time to meet, so you will not have to wait.  

What does an elementary guidance counselor do?

I wear many hats as the counselor. Some of the tasks I do are:  teach weekly classes, conduct counseling groups, see students individually, counselor parents, assist with crises, consult with teachers, administrators, parents and other agencies and schools, attend case conferences, coordinate the Student Success Team, observations, coordinate College Go Week, No Bullying Week and Red Ribbon Week, assist with transitioning students to middle school are much more.    

What is 'Guidance Class'?

I am lucky to be at Sugar Creek full time, so I can do both prevention and intervention! I teach in all classrooms during the school year (the kids call it 'Guidance Class'). The areas of focus for Guidance Class are: Academic Development, Personal and Social Development and Career Education. The lessons are based on the Indiana Standards for Guidance. In guidance class our focus is on:  Bullying Prevention, Personal Safety, Digital Citizenship and Career Exploration. 

What is Character Counts?

Sugar Creek is a Character Counts School! We do monthly awards to kids showing the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  The easy way to remember those are to use the first letters of each word. T.R.R.F.C.C. (when sounded out, sounds like the word TERRIFIC)!  A catch phrase the kids will frequently hear in Guidance Class is: Character Counts, everywhere, all of the time, even when no one is looking!'.

How does a parent or child get an appointment to see the counselor? 

How are referrals made:  1. Self referrals by note, or in person.    2. Talk to the teacher    3. Parent or student can call me at 794-4855 ext. 226 or email me at  4. Teacher or staff referral   5. Send in a note.

Does Guidance Counseling take the place of my child's agency counselor? 

No.  School counselors do short term counseling with students for issues that are interfering with the student's schooling. School counselors do not provide long term ongoing counseling/therapy and do not not diagnose. School counselor can help with referrals to outside agencies for diagnoses and ongoing therapy. School counseling is not a replacement for outside agency therapy.  

I will be happy to communicate (with your written permission) with your child's agency counselor if it will be helpful in their treatment, and work in coordination with the counselor as part of a team to help your child be successful. 

What program is used by the North Montgomery Community School Corporation to teach elementary children about personal safety and to teach bullying prevention?

Second Steps Child Protective Units are used in Preschool through 5th grade. Second Step Bullying Prevention Units are used in K-5th grade. 

Links to Curriculum Information: 

Second Steps Information:

Also, be sure to look for Second Step Homelinks to come home by hard copy or ParentSquare with family codes to access materials for home use and additional information on content. 


Second Step Scope and Sequence General Curriculum taught by classroom teacher, Kindergarten through fifth grade:


Second Step Bullying Prevention Scope and Sequence taught by school counselor,  Kindergarten through Fifth grade:


Second Steps Child Protection Scope and Sequence taught by school counselor except for preschool which is taught by both the counselor and the preschool teacher,  Preschool - Fifth Grade grade:


Digital Citizenship - Internet safety and citizenship taught by school counselor in Kindergarten through fifth grade:


School Counselor Contact Information: 

Call:    765-794-4855 ext. 226 

Message on ParentSquare


Guidance Counseling Department
Mission Statement

The mission of the School Guidance Counseling Program of Sugar Creek  Elementary is to systematically provide the support and information necessary that students need in acquiring skills to achieve academic, career, and personal/social success. Student skills are nurtured and developed in a safe, success-oriented learning environment in which excellence in teaching is evident and lifelong learning is promoted.

The School Counselor works directly with students, collaborates with teachers and parents, and coordinates necessary community resources to assist in maximizing academic and social capabilities.  The School Counselor advocates for all students to ensure equal access to educational programs and resources while working to reduce/eliminate barriers that impede students from reaching their potential. 

Guidance Counseling Program Vision Statement

The School Guidance Counseling Program is designed to support the personal growth and academic achievement of all students in hopes that every child will graduate from high school with a positive sense of self, integrity, honesty, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, and the knowledge necessary to reach his or her potential and to become a productive citizen. The Sugar Creek Elementary School Guidance Program, as an integral part of the total school community, teaches, models and fosters the development of these life skills.